The main objectives are:

  • Recovery of amounts paid to management in the shortest time;
  • Redução dos prazos médios de recebimentos;
  • Diminuição da carteira de incumprimentos;


The main advantages of using our services allow:

  • Use of specialized human resources;
  • greater efficiency;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Better information in real time;
  • Adapting to needs;
  • Management time reduction;
  • Costs rationalization;
  • High quality of service;
  • Rapid deployment and no additional costs;
  • Transformação de custos fixos em custos variáveis, estando estes custos directamente dependentes dos resultados (cobranças) alcançados;
  • Transformation of fixed processing costs into variable costs. And having these costs depending directly on the results (charges) achieved;
  • Liberation of human, technical and financial resources;
  • Focus on your core business;